Packing your backpack diaper bag is akin to preparing for a battle. Simply throwing in any baby-related items into the bag won’t work for you. In fact, you need to put in as much time as possible because you might end up realizing that you have left the most crucial things behind.

So, what should you put in the bag you got from


This is the main reason why you got the bag in the first place. When packing these, make sure you have more as compared to less. Depending on the hours you plan to spend outside, pack at least one diaper for each hour.


You will come to appreciate baby wipes when you are out of the house. These are handy when the time comes to change the diapers as well as cleaning up any mess and stains. You also use them to keep your hands clean.

Hand Sanitizer

There are places that aren’t conducive to changing your diapers, and even baby wipes might not be the solution. Some of these areas include public restrooms. Since you don’t want your kid to pick up anything that can cause issues, you need to use a hand sanitizer after every diaper change, or after visiting the toilet.


A blanket is a handy piece of fabric that will help you when the baby needs to nap, or when the temperatures drop, and you need to cover the kid. The blanket also acts as a changing pad to lay the kid on top while changing them.


If you are sensitive about nursing your kid in public, then you need to bring nursing bottles that hold expressed milk inside. If you have already started bottle feeding, you can carry with you a bottle containing baby formula in it. This is ideal for short trips, such as to the mall. When you plan for a longer trip, it is ideal to carry water plus unprepared baby formula.

Disposable Bags

These bags need to be biodegradable as well. These are ideal for holding soiled diapers and any other used items such as clothes. Go for thick plastic bags as opposed to thinner ones that can leak and lead to a stench.

In Closing

Take time to choose the right backpack diaper bag that holds all your items in one place. You also need to make sure you carry all the essential items that you need for the trip.