Sitting for hours in the office can be a pain in the back – literally. In fact, shoulder pain and neck stiffness are common complaints among workers who spend their workday in a chair staring at a screen. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. These tips will help you deal with back pain.

Use a Footrest

One of the easiest ways to prevent office back pain is to adopt a good posture. A footrest can help you achieve this by making sure that your body doesn’t lean forward. It also enables you to raise your hips above your knees not to mention added comfort especially if can’t reach the floor with your feet. Speaking of which, Free Your Spine reviews the best ergonomic footrests on the market and what makes each unit special.

Support Your Head When Talking on the Phone

Sometimes, you have to multitask to get the job done. You could be typing when talking on your phone at the same time. But, when you place your phone between your ear and neck, you’re essentially creating tension on your muscles. To prevent this from happening, you can get a headrest to support your head and allow you to multitask without stressing your shoulders and neck.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

Walk, swim or bike on a regular basis to condition your body aerobically. Sticking to a daily exercise regimen also helps strengthen the muscles surrounding your back. The ripple effect is that you can maintain a good posture and by extension condition your muscles and prevent injury. Additionally, specific exercises such as balancing your core muscles can help you maintain a good posture. And, the more your body becomes fit, the easier it is for you to carry out tasks at the office without hurting your back.

The Bottom Line

Numbers indicate that a shocking 31 million Americans are at the danger of experience back pain at any given time. Even more worrying is that low back pain is the number one cause of disability on the planet. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to ensure you create your workstation to be as comfortable as possible. Remember that you will be spending most of your work day in the office, so you need to take ergonomics seriously. And you don’t even have to spend a lot of money to make your office work-friendly. A few tweaks here and there will get you sorted.