Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was released more than 30 years ago, but this teen movie still grabs the headlines when it comes to top teen movies of all time. As you might remember, the film was shot on location in Chicago, and it has become one of the most iconic films of all times for this city.

You can relive the movie by spending the day moving from one local spot to another that was featured in the movie.

Glenbrook North High School

There is a scene in the film that was shot at the front of the school. Remember when Ferris disguised himself as Sloane’s father so that he can pick her from school? While Ferris never set foot in the school, the site remains as one of the epic places that the school uses to set up fundraising.

Willis Tower Observation Deck

Back then, the Willis Tower held the title of the tallest building globally, and it was the first stop for Ferris on his day off. The observation deck is the place where Ferris instructs Cameron and Sloane to lean forward and look down at the people and all the cars moving below. No visit to this building would be complete without a visit to the observation deck.

Chicago Board of Trade

From the observation deck, the cast headed to the Chicago Board of Trade where Ferris asks for Sloane’s hand in marriage. The building is included in the Chicago architectural tour, so even if you don’t get to go inside, you can check out the building itself.

Wrigley Field

The next stop in recreating Ferris’s day is Wrigley Field. At the field, we watch Ferris catch a ball from the third base line of the game. The field is one of the oldest stadiums in Chicago and is a beloved landmark and the perfect place to relive the Ferris narration.

The Art Institute of Chicago

Ferris and Sloane lock lips in front of the stained glass window, and you can see this at The Art Institute of Chicago. You can check out some of the paintings that featured in the scene at the institute.

In Conclusion

As you can see, you need to take a tour of Chicago with the movie in mind. You can relive every step that Ferris took to make sure that you enjoy the movie practically. The movie remains an icon of the teen movies the world over.