Fitness is a key issue and especially in today’s challenging lifestyle, it might be so very difficult for you to maintain a proper diet and a proper fitness regime. Most of you do not have time enough for going to a gym and thus you are deprived of fitness that can contribute to your health. But, there are solutions available for this sort of scenario as you can bring your gym to your home by getting the right equipment that is now available at affordable rates. Treadmill is one of the best fitness machines that you can buy for your home gym as it helps you to have a full throttle exercise without actually going to a gym.

There are various new and advanced treadmills that are now available at your disposal and you can have a check into to discover some of the best that you can have in your home gym. Here is some brief discussion about the specifications and salient features of the most suitable treadmills for your home gym:

  • One of the first things that make you to feel in love with this machine is the number of fitness programs that are available. There are as many as 22 fitness programs that are available and you can choose the best one as per your needs. This facility to program the fitness schedule results in successful completion of your fitness tasks which has a very bright and positive impact on your health as well.
  • Another eye-catching feature about these machines is that they allow you to manage your fitness programs via your smart phones. It supports some of the fitness apps which are compatible with both the iPhones and the android phones as well thus making the things easier for you.
  • This machine is also equipped with a cushioning that lowers the impact on your joints which thus saves you from the joint pains that are quite common while you are working out on a treadmill. This cushioning system ensures that there is any problem to your knees and allows a better fitness schedule.
  • The machine is also provided with an LCD screen that projects your daily fitness statistics. The color combination used in the LCD display is quite bright that allows easy tracking for you. In addition to this, on top of the LCD screen you can find various ports in which you can plug in a USB device or an iPod which allows you to enjoy while you are doing your fitness regimes. There is also a provision of cup holder on both sides of screen that can be used for having a water bottle or more commonly, your smartphones.