Before choosing that you need and you want a loft conversion, you will have to pay attention to the types of new lofts. There are several of them, and they are very different, which means that your home will look completely different, once you have completed the renovation. Here, we will help you understand basic loft types, so you can choose the one you really like. Luckily, all of them look fabulous and all of them are functional, which is the main point of a loft conversion.

  • Roof windows installment

This is thebasic type and in essence, it includes adding 2-4 windows on a roof. The dimensions of windows and their position depends on a client only. This means that a client can make certain customizations and make further changes. It is a great choice if you need a lot of light in your loft. This style is perfect for artists, students, and younger people.

  • Lifted section style

In general, this is an almost identical style to the previous one, just here, a client is able to choose which side of a loft he wants to lift. The best thing with this style the height, which is considerably higher than with the previous style. This conversion is very common in Lofts North London area and where sunlight will illuminate the entire loft thanks to this conversion style.

  • Dormer loft

Now the things become more interesting than ever. This conversion is ideal if you want to get an amazing view. You will be able to install a huge window on one side of your new loft, which will lead to several other advantages. There are several types of windows available as well, but the biggest are the best. In addition, this conversion style is common in high buildings, simply because it affects and makes a much better view.

  • Mansard style

This is the ultimate loft conversion style and it has been reserved for people who want the best and the most from their loft. It is simply extraordinary and these lofts can reach 2 times higher values than equivalent lofts. The main reason why it is so good is the fact the entire roof will be lifted and 2-3 side roof windows will be installed. The end result is a lot more headroom and more light than ever. If you don’t know which style to choose, choose this one, you won’t make a mistake.